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Monday, October 10, 2011

something for us to ponder

to my dearest,

i have always thought that our love is so special that when I  ask myself why i love you, i could not give any answer. not because i don't know why, i just could not find the best word to describe it.

if i say i love you because you are so kind, and always lighten up my day, well... we're just normal human beings. we have our ups and downs. so what then? will i stop loving you? of course no! so that is definitely not the reason i am looking for.

if i say i love you because you are the brightest and smartest, or cutest, the best friend that I could ever find. well, what if there is someone even better? or what would happen 80 years from now, when we're old and cranky and forgets everything? i will not stop loving you. not even then. so i still could not find my reasons.

if i say i love you because..... well you know what i am trying to say here right ? the main point is.. i want to give you the best reason i can find..

maybe here is the answer for us. i love you because of Him. there is no better reason to love someone. the strongest reason anyone could ever find. a reason that will not fade and will not change. in fact, it is the best base for our relationship.

hopefully, we want to love for the Almighty's sake and that we want to be together with the hope that we will bring each other to Jannah. it is easier said than done. i am sorry for all my wrongdoings as your friend. but i will try my very best to make it happen. i hope you will too. amiin.

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